The Hunters is a film dedicated to this teenage race, symbol of a chase towards freedom, towards enhanced community through the unique and personal expression. Inspired by aesthetics of teen movies of the 90s, Greg Araki, Quentin Tarantino and Sofia Coppola.
For Fall Winter 2016, Elevenparis imagines a free-thinking spirit that united everyone against the flow. 
The Hunters' stars : Hailey Baldwin, Miles McMillan and Moon Kyu Lee - Film and campaign by Maxim Monti

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Family Guy x Eleven Paris Capsule Collection


Los Angeles, CA. --- Family Guy is an American animated sitcom created in 1998 by Seth MacFarlane for the Fox Broadcasting Company. The Primetime Emmy Awards and Annie Awards winner show has led to an exciting collaboration with prêt-à-porter brand, ELEVENPARIS to create an ultra-contemporary Summer ‘16 capsule collection.

The collection is launching May 2016 with a selection of t-shirts and sweatshirts exclusively available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Additional styles, sweatshirts, hoodies and t-shirts will be released later this Summer and Fall ’16 at select retailers nationwide and online at us.elevenparis.com.

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G.I. JOE x ELEVEN PARIS Capsule Collection


PAWTUCKET, R.I. --- Hasbro’s G.I. JOE brand revolutionized the toy industry when it launched in 1964, as the world’s first action figure and has been among the most iconic toy brands ever since. For the past five decades, the brand has constantly evolved and reinvented itself maintaining relevancy for new generations through exciting storylines, iconic characters, products and entertainment. G.I JOE’s pop culture appeal has led to an exciting collaboration with prêt-à-porter brand, ELEVENPARIS to create an ultra-contemporary Spring ‘16 capsule collection inspired by the iconic property.

“We are very excited to collaborate with ELEVENPARIS on the G.I. JOE brand. The ELEVENPARIS collection pays homage to G.I. JOE’s retro legacy and emulates the brand’s spirit in a way that is both relatable and appealing to our consumer,” said Robbie Prinzo, Hasbro Director of Licensing – Fashion & Home.

The Spring ’16 collection is launching April 2016 with a collection of seven t-shirts exclusively available at Saks Fifth Avenue. Additional t-shirt styles, sweatshirts, hoodies, shorts and sweatpants will be released Summer and Fall ’16 at select retailers nationwide.

Preview the collection

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Jean-Michel Basquiat x Eleven Paris

Jean-Michel Basquiat x Eleven Paris

ELEVENPARIS collaborates with Jean-Michel Basquiat, one of the most inspiring and influential contemporary artist, to create an ultra-contemporary Summer ’16 collection for men, women and kids.

Born in Brooklyn, NY in 1960, Jean-Michel Basquiat first achieved notoriety as part of SAMO, an informal graffiti duo formed with with his friend Al Diaz, who spray painted graffiti on buildings in Manhattan. His work and style soon received critical acclaim for the fusion of words, symbols, stick figures, and animals. In the mid 1980s, Basquiat collaborated with famed pop artist Andy Warhol, which resulted in a show of their work that featured a series of corporate logos and cartoon characters.

His his neo-expressionist paintings came to be adored by an art loving public and are exhibited in galleries and museums all over the world.


View the collection

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Marie Ange Casta & Ash Stymest - VIDEO by Thomas Savary

#LIFEISAJOKE Spring Summer 16

Direction : Thomas Savary
Music : Thomas Lozano
A.D : Maxime Dubois
DOP: Gérald Acourt

 Part 1: Marie Ange Casta

#LIFEISAJOKE Spring Summer 16 from Thomas Savary on Vimeo.


Part 2: Ash Stymest

#LIFEISAJOKE Spring Summer 16 from Thomas Savary on Vimeo.

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Marie Ange Casta & Ash Stymest

Spring Summer 16


Eleven Paris introduces a union of irreverent timeless rock and chic sportswear for their new spring 2016 campaign. Once again the label collaborates with elegant British bad boy, Ash Stymest, ex-muse of the brand that had already impressed everyone through the lens of Terry Richardson in 2012.

Next to him is the French actress Marie-Ange Casta that embodies the feminine side of this rebel attitude. Noticed in “Des vents contraires”, directed by Jalil Mespert, the new face of Eleven Paris unveils the rock side of her personality.

Shot for the first time by Maxime Dubois, the new campaign also marks the return of the French creative director that used to work for the brand from 2007 to 2013. 

Through the series of pictures in color and timeless black and white, the spring campaign 2016 reveals the key pieces of the collection: the bomber, the tuxedo jacket, the must-have perfecto jacket or the t-shirts with iconic prints.

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Les Twins x ELEVENPARIS - VIDEO by Felix Cooper


Hip-Hop/New Style famous dancers, choreographers and models, the French twins « Lil Beast » (Laurent) and « Ca Blaze » (Larry), known as « Les Twins », are the most talented one of their generation..

« I never think dance, I’m a dancer, I’m an artist » or « I dance because I’ve been gifted by god », the Twins told us when we asked about their art. Under the lens of Felix Cooper, who shot our Fall Winter 15/16 campaign, the duo proved their words while doing some steps. From the street to the dance studio, taking the subway, we understand throughout this movie that dance is a gift of God for them.

This short movie is a chance to show our collection ELEVENPARIS x LES TWINS.
Laurent and Larry spent many days with us creating their first collection : a bomber jacket, a shirt, a cap and some graphic T-shirts. This meeting gives birth to a collection in their own style. 

« We wanted clothes in which you feel comfortable and above all in which we could dance! » they both explained. When we watch the film, we can say that it’s a successful bet. 

The collection will be available online in the US in October 2015.

ELEVEN PARIS | AW15 | LES TWINS from Felix Cooper on Vimeo.

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ELEVENPARIS x Ylva Falk - VIDEO by Felix Cooper

Artist / Performer / Dancer / Choreographer / Stylist /Singer / Dj / Artistic Director / Model, Ylva who was born in a small Swedish countryside village, quickly felt different from other girls and decided to make it a force.

Fascinated by her personality, we wanted to give the floor to Ylva to learn more about what dance is for her. « It could be the only time I have in a body, so I want to use it as fully as I can », she explained. But soon, the words are relegated to the background and the body expresses those in this short movie directed by Felix Cooper.

Appropriating the key pieces of our Fall-Winter 15/16 collection, Ylva improvises a sensitive choreography, at the border of Hip-Hop, Voguing and Kung-Fu learned last year during her trip in China.

Eleven_Ylva from Felix Cooper on Vimeo.

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Fall Winter 15 Lookbook: DEFY GRAVITY

From the film Blade Runner in 1982 to the Star Wars trilogy by way of the science fiction cartoons of the ‘70s... the future, as the 20th century’s artists imagined it, was as surreal as it was fascinating.
This winter, the ELEVENPARIS creative studio is launching towards the heart of these unexplored lunar landscapes with that same desire to create our own future, even if we know this one will never come to be. Neither the past nor the future, but something better.
We’re defying time and space, we’re defying gravity.
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Fall Winter 15: LES TWINS & Jena Goldsack by Felix Cooper


For this season 2015, ELEVENPARIS introduces its 3 new muses, the talented duo Les Twins and Jena Goldsack, the sublime British model to follow.

Shot by Felix Cooper, the photo session took place in a magnificent Parisian studio for a campaign that promises a lot. A moment of pure happiness when Jena Goldsack and Les Twins have continually given their ideas and thus implement their creativity! 

Outstanding Hip-Hop / New-Style dancers, The Twins have been revealed by Beyoncé. Nicknamed «Lil Beast» (Laurent) and «Ca Blaze» (Larry), The Twins are among the best dancers in their category and had even gain recognition in the world of fashion. 

Jena Goldsack is the pretty model from the United Kingdom, who has already posed for Jalouse magazine, Glamour, Elle or Harper’s Bazaar. 

If the Twins gather thousands of people during their artistic performances and are recognized worldwide, it is in the offices of ELEVENPARIS that they find inspiration for a capsule collection in their image available in September.

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Holland Roden wears ELEVENPARIS while attending COMIC CON 2015

Los Angeles, CA.  July 10, 2015

We are pleased to present actress, Holland Roden, wearing ELEVENPARIS. She completed her outfit with the PEARL black leather jacket while attending the Belle Boutique Pop Up Shop at Comic Con yesterday. The PEARL leather jacket from ELEVENPARIS is available here. 

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Fashion Week Party at Comptoir général, Paris

One year after marking its 11th anniversary at La Gaité Lyrique alongside Cara Delevigne, Coolio, Wiz Khalifa, Doc Gynéco, Boy George, and Kate Moss, ELEVENPARIS has made yet another mark on Paris Fashion Week with a party boasting an exotic air, a packed dance floor, and a lot of fun.

On Thursday, March 5, 2015, the prêt-à-porter label gathered journalists, bloggers, artists and friends at Comptoir Général on the Canal Saint-Martin.
Solange Knowles—Beyoncé's little sister, but more importantly, ELEVENPARIS' muse for SS15—had carte blanche in the DJ booth.

Starting at 8, the first guests lounged on vintage sofas, taking the chance to discover sounds from Solange's label, Saint Records,
while sipping on champagne or the bar's specialty Secousse cocktail, a mix of vodka, hibiscus, passionfruit juice, and cucumber.

A little while later, French DJ Manaré took over, setting the scene after just a few minutes of mixing.
Dressed in an ELEVENPARIS suit jacket, Solange turned heads as she came in—and obviously, turned up the heat a notch.

An hour later, just as Solange asked Manaré to boost the sound as she slid onto the dance floor, a surprise guest made an appearance:
her friend Kelly Rowland, former member of Destiny's Child.

DJ crew Girls Girls Girls used hip hop and '90s R&B to keep the dance floor packed as ELEVENPARIS' guests danced under Comptoir Général's disco ball
until the clock struck midnight—including Solange and Kelly, who were joined by Beyoncé's famed dance duo Les Twins.

Representing the French side, Harry Roselmack, Black M, Tony St Laurent, Sneazzy from rap group 1995, and Karima Charni answered yes to the invitation! 

Photos : Anthony Ghnassia



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