ELEVENPARIS x Ylva Falk - VIDEO by Felix Cooper

Artist / Performer / Dancer / Choreographer / Stylist /Singer / Dj / Artistic Director / Model, Ylva who was born in a small Swedish countryside village, quickly felt different from other girls and decided to make it a force.

Fascinated by her personality, we wanted to give the floor to Ylva to learn more about what dance is for her. « It could be the only time I have in a body, so I want to use it as fully as I can », she explained. But soon, the words are relegated to the background and the body expresses those in this short movie directed by Felix Cooper.

Appropriating the key pieces of our Fall-Winter 15/16 collection, Ylva improvises a sensitive choreography, at the border of Hip-Hop, Voguing and Kung-Fu learned last year during her trip in China.

Eleven_Ylva from Felix Cooper on Vimeo.

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