Fashion Week Party at Comptoir général, Paris

One year after marking its 11th anniversary at La Gaité Lyrique alongside Cara Delevigne, Coolio, Wiz Khalifa, Doc Gynéco, Boy George, and Kate Moss, ELEVENPARIS has made yet another mark on Paris Fashion Week with a party boasting an exotic air, a packed dance floor, and a lot of fun.

On Thursday, March 5, 2015, the prêt-à-porter label gathered journalists, bloggers, artists and friends at Comptoir Général on the Canal Saint-Martin.
Solange Knowles—Beyoncé's little sister, but more importantly, ELEVENPARIS' muse for SS15—had carte blanche in the DJ booth.

Starting at 8, the first guests lounged on vintage sofas, taking the chance to discover sounds from Solange's label, Saint Records,
while sipping on champagne or the bar's specialty Secousse cocktail, a mix of vodka, hibiscus, passionfruit juice, and cucumber.

A little while later, French DJ Manaré took over, setting the scene after just a few minutes of mixing.
Dressed in an ELEVENPARIS suit jacket, Solange turned heads as she came in—and obviously, turned up the heat a notch.

An hour later, just as Solange asked Manaré to boost the sound as she slid onto the dance floor, a surprise guest made an appearance:
her friend Kelly Rowland, former member of Destiny's Child.

DJ crew Girls Girls Girls used hip hop and '90s R&B to keep the dance floor packed as ELEVENPARIS' guests danced under Comptoir Général's disco ball
until the clock struck midnight—including Solange and Kelly, who were joined by Beyoncé's famed dance duo Les Twins.

Representing the French side, Harry Roselmack, Black M, Tony St Laurent, Sneazzy from rap group 1995, and Karima Charni answered yes to the invitation! 

Photos : Anthony Ghnassia



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