Spring Summer 15 Collection: SHARP SHARP

Spring-summer 2015, ELEVENPARIS has landed in South Africa, in the heart of the effervescent and ever-changing Johannesburg and its 4 million inhabitants, including the proud and optimistic ‘born free’ generation, reinventing their own identity. Moving to the invigorating beats of Afro House and Psyche Rock, this movement’s soundtrack, the ELEVENPARIS creative studio has scoured this urban laboratory, a veritable ‘African Brooklyn’ to design a resolutely joyful collection. “It’s all cool” as the local saying, “Sharp sharp” goes, lending its name to the ELEVENPARIS SS15 collection.

Strolling along the streets, witnesses to a difficult past, the Apartheid Museum, traditional markets, but above all the new art galleries and Johannesburg’s numerous contemporary creation workshops, ELEVENPARIS has encountered a hyperactive young generation with their own unique style. Rock bomber jacket meets hip-hop sweatshirt, often accompanied by a doek, a traditional South African headscarf. The positive and sensitive spirit of Soweto and its recent melting pot inspire socially aware messages of peace and tolerance in line with the Parisian brand.
The look is casual but always accentuated with rock details. The sweatshirt is in the spotlight for both men and women, worn with fringes, leather or suede inserts and embroidery.

ELEVENPARIS has imagined the perfect summer wardrobe. Looks you want to adopt regardless of whether you’re beating the pavement, dancing at an Afro House festival or chilling out at one of these giant barbecues South Africans are so fond of!

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