Fall Winter 14: kate Moss & Wiz Khalifa by Terry Richardson

She is the best-known British model in the world and has been famous for 20 years thanks to her avant-garde style, her atypical looks and her flawless career. He is a young rapper, tattooed up to the neck, discovered on the American underground hip-hop scene after he released his first album aged only 19, and whose name has been heard on the four corners of the world since the album Rolling Papers, acclaimed by the critics in 2011.

It seems like nothing predestined those two to meet… yet ELEVENPARIS decided otherwise. The Parisian brand chose Kate Moss and Wiz Khalifa to be the new faces of its FW14/15 communication campaign.

As fascinating as they are scandalous, Kate Moss and Wiz Khalifa embody the spirit of ELEVENPARIS. “We recognize ourselves in their indolence, hedonism and naturally grunge attitude and I think that they, too, recognized themselves in our FW14/15 collection.

The style was done very simply: we let them choose the clothes that they liked best and it turned out they were the strongest pieces of our new FW14/15 collection”, explains Oriel Bensimhon, one of the two founders of ELEVENPARIS.

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